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Stanway Primary School: PE Premium Grant 2020-21

Total amount allocated 2020/21   £19,000
How much (if any) do you intent to carry over from this total fund into 2021/22?   £10,786
Total amount allocated for 2021/22   £19,000
Total amount of funding for 2021/22.  To be spent and reported on by 31st July 2022.   £29,786

2020-21 Spending

Lunchtime Sports Club run by external provider (38 weeks @ £11.50 pw)   £437

Upskilling of teachers run by external provider (38 weeks @ £23 pw)           £874

Purchase of equipment (skipping ropes and PE equipment)                            £2062

Netball Post Sockets                                                                                                  £330

MUGA (Astro) Maintenance                                                                                      £2090

Grounds Maintenance (50% for Field/Track Maintenance)                               £1000

Play & PE Equipment - Service and Inspection                                                     £110

The provision of the lunchtime club has meant that children have been coached to play organised games such as football and multi-sports.  Classes have been allocated this session up to two times a week and it has ensured that the whole class is involved in a strenuous physical activity at lunchtimes.  There has been very positive feedback from children and staff, and this strategy will be employed more extensively in the 2021-22 school year.  Football is a very popular sport within the school, and we have noticed better uptake by girls in other football clubs run by staff at lunchtimes, as a result of the coaching sessions.  Younger children’s team skills have developed noticeably as a result of these also. 

In the same way, staff benefited from having modelled PE lessons centring around invasion games and use of the 3G sports pitch.  This pitch is a real asset to the school, and the regular maintenance financed by this budget should prolong its life and ensure optimum performance for a range of sporting activities.

PE equipment was purchased to enable children to participate in a greater variety of games and also to widen their experiences at breaktimes and lunchtimes.  This use of money needs to be developed more strategically, i.e. looking at take-up of the different sports by different children, and also to audit that this equipment is being used by staff.  We know that children are keen to play more sports at dinner-times and so our results will dictate how the money is used in the 2021-22 year to buy equipment.

Field and track maintenance ensured that our school field was Sports Day ready and this was able to be held in bubbles for the first time in two years. Pupils were very excited about the chance to compete against their peers, and there was a great atmosphere with 100% involvement in all key stages. The maintenance also ensured pupils were able to take part in rounders matches on marked pitches as part of their PE lessons.

The purchase of the Netball Post Sockets has enabled the front playground to be utilised by children for this sport.  We have a trained netball coach as a staff member and the intention for the 2021-22 year will be to run a club in the summer term and encourage as many children in KS2 as possible to experience this sport.


The 2020-21 Year 6 cohort last swam in 2018-19 therefore it should be acknowledged that the following data is somewhat unreliable.  At that point, 12/37 pupils could swim 25m or more.  20/32 children could swim at least 15m using both front and back stroke. Self-rescue was not recorded with this cohort.  Swimming will resume again with the current Year 5 cohort in Summer 2022, and thereafter with Year 5 in Autumn 2022.  Due to concerns about the assessment of swimming ability with the previous swimming provider, this has been changed for the 2021-22 cohorts.

Due to significant leadership changes and the heavy impact of COVID infections on both pupil and staff absence levels during the 2021 Autumn term, it is recognised that the use of this budget falls far short of expectations.  The new Headteacher (in post from January 2022) and Leadership Team are fully committed to ensuring that it is spent strategically and effectively when the new budget opens from April 1st 2022. Key priorities for this expenditure are listed below:

  • More extensive employment of sports coaches at lunchtimes to encourage greater participation in physical activity;
  • Use of specialist sports coaches for coaching Gifted and Talented young players involved in school teams;
  • Greater involvement in competitive sports;
  • Investment in heavy-duty playground equipment/fixed features e.g. Trim Trail/table tennis table/basket ball hoop(s) for front playground;
  • Upskilling of staff via sports coaches.
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