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School Council Project

The Project for the forthcoming year is focusing on 'Be the Best You Can Be!' and was launched with a celebration assembly arranged by the school council.  The event was also reported on by council representatives and their report can be read below:


On Tuesday we had our 'Be the Best you can Be!' end of term celebration assembly; this was a great success. Each class presented an aspect of the programme we have covered this term focusing on areas including; dreams, goals, achievements and overcoming barriers. We were delighted that paralympian Wendy Smith was able to come back and share our experiences. She enjoyed seeing how far we have progressed with  the programme and ended the assembly by telling us about a rowing competition she entered only last weekend where she pushed herself  to come 3rd.

Members of the school council took photos of the assembly and asked pupils what they thought about it. 
Millie Abrehart said "'Never give up' was a key message in the assembly and I really enjoyed singing 'Bang the Drum'". 
Charlie Mitchell said "It was really good because I enjoyed listening to all the class achievements". 
Thank you to Dilan Hall for taking the photographs throughout the assembly (see below) and Finley Marchant and Harriet Rooke for collecting pupil views afterwards.

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Going forward.....

In our class council session each class gave some great recommendations of people they know to come into school and share their career journeys and paths to success.
The School Council has been visiting each of the classes to collect their comments on  'Be The Best You Can Be', which can be seen on the link below.

Be the Best quotations.  

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