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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception, a place where we love to play, explore and learn! In our year, we have two parallel classes. Mrs Gratze teaches Rosen Class with Mrs Jackson; and Mrs Mallows teaches Hendra Class with Mrs Mills. The children enjoy a year filled with engaging topics, educational activities and exciting enhancements, such as birthday cake baking and school trips!

This is what we get up to in a typical day at school… We always start the day with a ‘soft start’ where we play and welcome all of our friends into class. We then have our daily phonics sessions followed by the joy of Drawing Club, where children enjoy a story together (which is our topic focus for the week) and create their own stories through drawing, writing and magic codes. Next we have lots of ‘getting busy’ time; by choosing where to play, who to play with and what to use. This is where children have many wonderful adventures! Before lunch we have a short maths lesson. After our lunch time, we spend some time working on our fine motor and writing skills. We then have more exciting adventures in ‘getting busy’ time with our friends. At the end of the day we talk about our wellbeing and feelings. We are also lucky to enjoy weekly Forest Friday sessions to end our very busy week! As you can see, our days are very busy and filled with so many opportunities for learning, fun and friendships.

Please see our Long Term Overview for what the children will be learning about.


Please see our Curriculum Map for more information on what we learn at school.

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