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In English during the first half of the Autumn term, our writing was based on two short film clips; ‘The Lego Story’ and ‘The Christmas Truce’. The children wrote a chronological report based on the history of Lego, and a wonderful recount about the game of football held between opposing countries on Christmas Day 1914, during World War 1.

We also wrote some terrific Haiku poetry, based upon an Autumn theme.


In reading, we focused upon the books ‘Walter Tull’s Scrapbook’ and ‘Archie’s War Scrapbook’, both of which were written about World War 1. The children completed a variety of retrieval, inference, prediction and summarising activities, using evidence from the text to support their answers.


In Maths, we focused upon place value, addition and subtraction, as well as multiplication and division. The children also complete weekly Times Tables challenges, together with short arithmetic quizzes.

For Science this half term, our topic was Light. The children learned about how light travels, reflection and how light bounces off an object to enable us to see, the human eye, shadows and refraction. Wherever possible, children are provided with an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge to investigations.

In Computing, we focused on e-safety. The children learned about cyberbullying, recognising secure and insecure websites, the benefits and pitfalls of online relationships, and evaluating the context of media aimed at boys and girls. Above all, our focus was on using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

For PSHE, our theme this half term was, ‘Organisation’. The children learned about the importance of being organised in their daily lives and developed some strategies to help them along the way.

In R.E. we learned about the central beliefs of different religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism.

Our P.E. focus this half term is football skills, including dribbling a ball, passing, defending and attacking, and netball.

Our topic for the whole of the autumn term is the World Wars. This half term, the children learned about fighting in the trenches during WW1, and created some amazing trenches in Art and DT.

At the end of the half term, we celebrated a Multi-Cultural Week. During this week, the children learned more about different religions (including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism), researched different countries, and also studied some inspirational figures, including Mary Seacole, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and Marcus Rashford. At the end of the week, we held a child-led research day, focusing on the Windrush Generation. The children worked in teams to produce a presentation, which they shared with the rest of the class.


In English this half term, we have based our reading and writing activities on two World War 2 themed books – Rose Blanche and Anne Frank.

The children wrote some incredible first-person recounts, in role as Rose Blanche, which they were particularly proud of. They have also been researching information about Anne Frank, including her early life, her family and what it was like to live in the secret annexe. At the end of this unit, they will be writing a biography based on what they have learned.

In Maths, we have focused on fractions. The children have learned to compare, order and simplify fractions, convert between mixed number and improper fractions, add and subtract fractions with different denominators, and to multiply and divide fractions by integers and other fractions.

Our Science topic for this half term has been Electricity. The children have learned to draw accurate circuit diagrams using scientific symbols, investigated what happens to the brightness of bulbs when we change the number of batteries and voltage in a circuit, and to plan and set up a practical enquiry about the functions of different components within a circuit. They will be reporting the results of their investigations and using these to make predictions and generate further questions to investigate in the future.

In Computing, we have been creating animated stories using Scratch Programming. The children have been learning to animate a scene, broadcast a message to different sprites, and to show and hide sprites. By the end of this unit, the children will have sequenced, and programmed, their own story and recorded, and added, speech for their characters.

For PSHE, our themes this half term have been ‘Wellbeing’, ‘E-safety’ and ‘Leadership’. The children are learning about a range of topics, including: establishing their support circles, managing time online, digital dilemmas, identifying leaders and recognising how peer pressure can cause harm.

As part of our History topic on World War 2, the children have been studying the causes of the war, the Allies and Axis, the Blitz, evacuation, rationing, propaganda and the Holocaust. In Art, they created some fantastic silhouette paintings of the London skyline during the Blitz.

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