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Each morning, the children arrive to an Early Morning Task. This includes Dip Back Questions, which revisit topics previously covered in Science, History, Geography and English, Fluent in 5 maths questions, and Would You Rather Questions. The children also learn a Word of the Day, a new daily fact, and find out what has previously happened on that day in history.

The children regularly practice their times tables and enjoy taking part in activities found in interactive resources such as Super Movers.

In our classes, there is a large range of books, magazines and children’s newspapers for the children to select from. Every day, we have SQUIRT time (Sustained, Quirt, Uninterrupted, Independent Reading Time), when the children spend 10-15 minutes reading for pleasure. (It is also an ideal opportunity for the adults to read with as many children as possible.)



English and maths are taught daily. Our English topics this half term are based on the books, The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (a true story about Philippe Petit, who walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers in New York, in 1974), and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

We will also be exploring the stories in greater depth within our reading sessions. Every child will have access to the text through shared reading. The benefits of this will be to build sight word knowledge and reading fluency.

Maths is focusing upon place value, addition and subtraction, and statistics.

Within these subjects learning walls play a vital role.

This half term our topic is Invaders and Settlers. This is a history-based topic and we will be focusing on aspects of Anglo-Saxons daily life such as village life, what they were like, invasions and how Britain responded.  

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In Science this half term, we have been focusing on Properties of materials where we compare and group together everyday materials based on evidence from testing, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal), and response to magnets.

We have investigated and recognised that some materials will dissolve in liquid and demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible changes.

Wherever possible children are provided with an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge to investigations. This half term, they will be investigating which materials dissolve, and exploring reversible and irreversible changes.

In Computing, we will be focusing on e-safety. Where the children will Identify rules for avoiding unsafe, dangerous or risky online situations and behaviours.

For PSHE, our theme will be, ‘What Makes Me?’ where pupils will build on their growing self-awareness to assess how they can prepare to meet the challenges placed on them in their later life.

Finally, in music, we are learning the song, ‘Living on a prayer,’ by Bon Jovi. We’ve only just began but Woah, we're half way there.


In English, we will focus on William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, where the children will write their own playscripts based on a shipwreck.

Our areas for study in maths will be Statistics, Number: Multiplication and Division and Measurement: Area and Perimeter.

In Autumn 2, our topic will be Invasion, Invasion, Invasion, and the children will be set a half term topic to create a model, piece of artwork or fact file about the Vikings.

In Autumn 2, we will be working scientifically, where we will be setting up simple, practical enquiries, gathering, recording, classifying & presenting data. Results will then be used to draw simple conclusions based upon our observations and results.

In Computing, we will be focusing on e-safety. Where the children will Identify rules for avoiding unsafe, dangerous or risky online situations and behaviours.

In RE we will be studying Christianity, where we will be reading the Bible and identifying different symbols in Christianity and what they mean.

During Holy Week, towards the end of the autumn term, we will turn our attention to Christmas, and the children can look forward to producing some exciting Christmas artwork and poems.

Other information


Year 5 P.E. days are on Mondays for 5SM & Friday 5W.  Your child must ensure that they have their P.E. kit on these days. Failure to have it is likely to result in them not being able to participate in the lesson. In addition, children will not be able to participate if they do not have the correct P.E. kit. Please see the school website for more information on the P.E. kit requirements. If your child has their ears pierced, they will be required to take out the earrings for the lesson.


Homework, which will include spellings and mathematics, will be set every Monday and collected in the subsequent Monday.  We do encourage children to read with an adult at least three times per week to build up their vocabulary and comprehension skills.  Children will be given a reading book from our class library.  Finally, children will be taking part Times Table tests three times a week in school.

For any queries please do not hesitate to ask one of the Year 5 team.

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