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Welcome to Class 6G

The first half of the spring term saw the children sending off drone designs to Dyson. The work was part of our persuasive writing unit. We were so pleased to receive feedback from one of Dyson’s engineers for each of the children’s work – a real highlight of the half term.

Another English unit included one which focussed on a book by Jeannie Baker. It touched on environmental issues connected with the underwater world around Australia. When completing their work (letters and balanced arguments), the children extended their knowledge of the types of wildlife in this part of the world as well as the threat to the kelp that grows along the coastline. The work also allowed for some great artwork which was displayed along our corridor.

In Maths, the children focussed on coordinates, mean averages and properties of circles and triangles, including angles and the use of protractors.

Our Science lessons were connected to evolution – it was amazing how many children knew such a lot about natural history – an interesting and enjoyable topic!

Away from the core subjects, the children worked with partners in PE to create sequences using gymnastic apparatus which included rolls, jumps and travelling techniques.

The children worked with Year 2s for Safer Internet Day. They played games that tested their awareness of digital technology and then produced super safety posters.

Music skills were developed during lessons which focussed on the Hip Hop genre of music. In particular, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the song that inspired compositions, improvisations and the playing of instruments!

The children travelled back in time to learn about the Stone Age (and the British history of the Iron and Bronze ages).

A great and busy half term with a huge amount of learning taking place. Well done Year 6!


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