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Welcome to Class 5/6G


Vikings Research

The children all spent some time researching the Vikings. They used transcripts from information videos to gather their information. They then watched a few clips to double check their facts. All of this took place using the new laptops!

Viking Longships

The children really enjoyed creating clay models of Viking Longships. Before attempting the modelling, they learnt about sculptures and sculptors as well as the history of Viking Longships. They also persevered and completed a tricky-to-assemble card version of a Longship too! What fun!


Music Workshop

5/6G really enjoyed their time at the KS2 Music Workshop. The children sang beautifully with the other children from other schools. They also all got an opportunity to play an instrument.

Book Sharing - January 2018

The children in 5/6G and 5/6M started off this term's topic, 'Once Upon A Time', by sharing their favourite books. They talked about why the book is their favourite and whether their partner could predict what might happen in the story.  They then completed a book review stating whether they would recommend the book and why.

Work Sharing

The children met their new learning buddies from 3/4H and spent some time sharing the writing they had created as a result of English work connected to the book, 'Oi! Get Off Our Train' by John Burningham during our 'Take One Book Week'.

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