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Welcome to Class 4/5R

Welcome to 4/5R’s class page. We are very lucky to have Mrs Chaney working alongside the class teacher, Mrs Riggs.

When you enter our class, this is what you will see:

As a whole school, we are promoting a love of reading, and we have a big focus on Reading for Pleasure:

In our class, there is a large range of books, magazines and children’s newspapers for the children to select from. Every day, we have  SQUIRT time (Sustained, Quirt, Uninterrupted, Independent Reading Time), when the children spend 10-15 minutes reading for pleasure.

We also read our class book daily. We strongly believe in the importance of reading, and actively encourage the children to read a wide variety of texts, as often as they possibly can.

We started this year with a fantastic Ancient Greek day, which both enthused and engaged the children, and increased their knowledge about our topic for this half term. Each child learned about Ancient Greek Music and made their own musical instrument, completed some Ancient Greek writing, and listened to the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, then made their own maze. They also learned about Ancient Greece theatre, and made a 3D mask.

The children have created their own mythical creatures, combining their own faces with the parts of different animals:

If the children wish to extend their learning of our topic below is a link for a good website.


The children have spent some time thinking about, and creating, their own class rules, which focus on being the best learners that they can be. We also thought about what it means to be a responsible classmate, and designed some WordArt, containing all of the words which the children came generated:

Each morning, the children arrive to an Early Morning Task. This can include: a Dip Back Quiz, which contains 4 questions across the subjects of Science, History, Geography and English, and draws upon the children’s learning; Times Tables practise; spellings practise; or an extension of the previous day’s work.


English and maths are taught daily. Our English is currently linked to our topic, and we are  learning and writing about Greek myths. We have been exploring the stories within our Guided Reading sessions, and have also enjoyed drama in the form of WHOOSH activities:

Maths is focusing upon place value and addition and subtraction.

Within these subjects learning walls play a vital role

Our Science for this half term is electricity, where children have been able to identify the link to the Ancient Greeks. Wherever possible children are provided with an opportunity to apply their scientific knowledge to investigations. This half term, they have investigated complete and incompletecircuits, and explored which materials are conductors or insulators.


At Stanway Primary School, we value opportunities to engage in cross-curricular writing, and encourage children to think and write as authors in all of their subjects. In Science, we are including regular Dip Back Questions, activating children’s prior knowledge, as well as Reasoning tasks which allow them to explain their understanding.

When the children complete a piece of work which they are proud of, they can attach a Selfie Stick, and I will take a picture of their work and send it home via ParentHub.


The children in 4/5R have been focusing on themselves as readers this term. We thought carefully about our favourite books, and designed alternative covers for them:

We have created our own Reading Rivers, to reflect books that have have meant something to us throughout our reading journeys. The children were encouraged to think about the first book they could remember being read to them, or that they were able to read themselves, special books that they had been given as gifts, and books that touched their hearts in some way. They thought about those that had made them laugh, or cry, stories that they had enjoyed listening to (in class, or at home), or books that they wanted to read again and again.

This term, we were delighted to be able to invite parents and carers into class for a Books and Biscuits sessions. Parents watched a short Presentation about the value and importance of reading, before joining their child to share a book (and, of course, a biscuit!):

Spring 1

We have continued to share our love of reading, and writing, in 4/5R during the first half of the Spring Term. We have focused much of our learning around the book Gulliver’s Travels, linking our reading to our writing. The children created some amazing tourist leaflets, persuasive posters and double-page spread log books, which we were delighted to be able to share in an assembly, and with parents.

During one cosy book afternoon, we created a ‘Book Blanket’ with the Year 4 children, and spent time looking through a range of books, finding old favourites as well as exciting new reads that they couldn’t wait to dive into! The children then created their own Ideal Bookshelf poster!

In the last week, we had our class trip to Colchester Castle, as a WOW start for our Romans topic. We all had a great day exploring, and discovering facts about the Romans. The children had the opportunity to make their own round house, and Roman villa, and were fascinated by the tales told during our story tour of the temple vaults!

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