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Welcome to Class 3/4R

Our class teacher is Mrs Riggs, who is assisted in the classroom by Mrs Chaney.

3/4R have made a fantastic start to the year! We began with a focus on growth mindset, linking this to the school's Be the Best values. The children considered the story of the Three Little Pigs, and discussed how the story might have changed if the first little pig had not given up, but had instead shown more resilience! 

The children then investigated how they could build a house, from limited materials, which would withstand the huffing and puffing of the Big Bad Wolf. All the children eagerly set about their task, and showed super determination to succeed, never giving up when they found it challenging, and constantly seeking to improve their designs if they did not work.

By the end of the project, the children had successfully designed and built a house which the wolf could not blow down! Very well done 3/4R!

In our second week back, the whole school took part in Body Coaching sessions, which were broadcast live by Joe Wicks. His aim was to get 1 million children moving and keeping fit by the end of the week. 3/4R took part in the challenge, and great fun was had by all! Stanway Primary even received a live shout out!!

Building our houses

Testing our houses

Groups with their houses

Taking part in the body coaching session


This term, 3/4R have been learning to play the Glockenspiels during music lessons. 


On the last day of the half term, 3/4R designed, made and ate their own healthy sandwiches, as part of our topic on balanced meals. All the children put a lot of thought and effort into their sandwiches, and the results were terrific!

Forces and Magnets

3/4R have been learning about Forces and Magnets in their science lessons. The children have carried out lots of terrific investigations, including which magnets are the strongest, which types of materials are magnetic and how magnets can attract and repel each other. 

Towards the end of the topic, the children designed and made magnetic games. They were tasked with creating games which were fun and would teach other children about magnets and magnetic force. Once the games were finished, we invited the children in 1G to come and play the games.

3/4R were magnificent! Their games were fabulous, everyone had fun, and the children from 1G were able to tell us lots of things that they had learned at the end!

DT - Model Making

During the week commencing 5th February 2018, the whole school focused on the book 'Oi Get Off Our Train'. 3/4R wrote some fantastic non-chronological reports, based on endangered animals, and then made some moving models based on their chosen animal.

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