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Welcome to Class 2P

Coding Games

In ICT we have been learnng to use coding blocks to make a simple game of our own design.  You can try one of our games using the link below.  Just use the named keys to control the dragon.


Once Upon a Time Topic

We have made an enthusiastic start to our topic in 2P and are already feeling like real illustrators!  We have explored mixing paints to create different tones of colour just like Jackie Morris does in her story book 'Tell Me a Dragon'.  In English we have created our own dragons and described them using some very effective language.  We are looking forward to developing this further with dragon story writing and dragon paintings!


Fire Safety

We were very lucky and excited this week to have an Education Officer join us.  She brought her colleague, Fire Fighter Lee, with her and taught the children all about fire safety in past and present times.  The theme was The Great Fire of London and the children amazed us with the amount of information they remembered from learning about The Fire of London in year 1.  They also reenacted putting a pretend fire out by passing a bucket of water along the line of children.  We talked about 'The Three Outs' in the event of a fire:  Get Out! Stay Out!  Get the fire service out!  Everyone got into the spirit of the session and had a lot of fun whilst learning at the same time. Fire Fighter Lee said he was sure this would be the highlight of his week as he enjoyed working with such enthusiastic children. 



In 2P we have been creating our own animations using Monkeyjam software.  The children worked in groups of three to take photos using the iPads, moving their chosen figure a little at a time for each photograph.  The photographs were then put into animation software and saved as movie files. Below you can see one of the animations we created.

Sniffer Dog movie.mp4
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