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Welcome to Class 1NC

Welcome to Class 1NC

Welcome to 1NC with Mrs Mallows, Mrs Christy and Mrs Wood too,

There's lots of opportunities and so much to do!

Our year in 1NC will be filled with laughter and fun, 

with each day being a happy and creative one.

There is lots to learn and plenty to make, 

all alongside our marvellous mistakes.

As a team we help each other throughout the day,

with the kind and inspiring words, we have to say.

In 1NC we strive to be the best we can be.

and we cannot wait for you to see!


Autumn Term 2019

We had a lovely afternoon with our Grandparents and parents who very kindly brought in some toys they used to play with when they were little. We spent the afternoon sharing stories, looking at photos and playing with them. Some toys were over 70 years old!

One morning when we were in our classroom we heard a very strange, loud noise coming from outside…. so we followed it! To our surprise we came across a hot and erupting volcano…how strange! We continued to followed some big footprints, which lead us to a icy and deep river. We were not going in there..Brr! We kept on going and our mysterious hunt ended up in a dark and spooky forest where we were not alone… we didn’t realise we were on a dinosaur hunt!

Our ‘Dinosaur detectives’ topic saw us look at all things dinosaurs! We researched 4 different dinosaurs; Stegosaurs, T-rex, Diplodocus and Troodon and were so fascinated by all the wonderful facts, we created non-fiction dinosaur posters to show off all our new knowledge!

During the topic we learnt about what dinosaurs ate, how dinosaurs may have died and what life was like when dinosaurs were alive. From this we created a habitat using a variety of materials, cutting and joining these in different ways. Take a look at some of our art work..

We also learnt about Mary Anning and her discovery of fossils many years ago. We spent one afternoon becoming a fossil hunter and used our pretend fossils we pieced together a dinosaur skeleton to form a T-Rex! Also, we were lucky enough to be given some real rocks which possibly contained some fossils. Our teachers carefully cracked them open to reveal some very exciting things…

To celebrate and raise money, we dressed up in our pyjamas. We were so cosy!

In Year 1 we created a display to remember the soldiers who fought so bravely for us all those years ago, as well as those who continued to do so today. We held a 2 minute silence and then placed a poppy we had decorated by the soldier.

This term the children have worked really hard on understanding, representing and solving problems linked with numbers to 20 and 2D/3D shape. The children loved exploring and making links and patterns between the numbers, whilst using a variety of resources to help.

Our Christmas production this year was ‘Christmas with the Aliens!’. We had so much fun performing to our friends and family.

Spring Term 2020

In Year 1 we always find ways to promote reading for pleasure to ensure the children have a love of books and enjoy reading. We have recently started ‘Sustained Quiet Uninterrupted Independent Reading Time (SQUIRT)’ sessions. We love it! We can get comfy wherever we like in the classroom, use a cushion or reading buddy and read whatever book of our choice for a short amount of time.

A very kind policeman, PC Sainsbury visited us and explained that there had been a crash on the playground and some debris left behind.

We guessed it might be an alien who had crashed and ran off. PC Sainsbury asked us to investigate.

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