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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our friendly and aspirational school where we aim to give every child the best possible education and start in life. We want to encourage and inspire creativity and give as good a foundation as possible in the vital basic skills of reading and number; but also help our pupils to develop as caring and thoughtful people, equipped to live in the modern world and have meaningful relationships with others.  

At Stanway Primary we give each individual the opportunity to grow and learn in a caring and well-disciplined environment, teaching them how to identify and pursue their hopes and dreams, to develop high self-esteem, to be considerate and respectful of others and to enjoy the world around them.  Teachers and other staff provide opportunities and experiences aimed to engage, excite and stretch pupils and create confident and independent learners.  Our ethos is embodied in our core values of Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Community and Determination to which we aspire and celebrate every day.

We provide a nurturing and encouraging environment in which to learn that both children and staff look forward to attending each day, and in which all children can be happy and successful.  An integral part of that is establishing a strong relationship with our families so that we can work together to help our children to progress and thrive in school, and we hope that you will be active members of our strong school community.

We welcome visits, so please take the opportunity to come and see our setting, have a tour around the school and meet some of our staff and pupils.

Mrs Rebecca Loader